C.I.B. NordCh PLW-17 Dalspots Da Vinci


Top-2 Dalmatian and Best male in Sweden 2016

*11-04-2013, black, HD-A, BAER bilateral, -2xP4

8 x CAC, 8 x CACIB (6 x res-CAC, 4 x res-CACIB), 3x BOB and 7x BOS, Group-1

(1x BOB and 2x BOS at Dalmatian Club shows)

Breeder and owner: Lena Erlandsson

Athos lives with Gisela Bosco and her family on a show & breeding contract

Mother Toya - Dalspots Almost-Harmony

Father - SE & DKCh SpotdogĀ“s Beat Box