News 2006

12 December 2006

We got Tilda's (Paper Moon's Dream Catcher) hip results today and she has A hips. Excellent news!!

9 December 2006

Today we attended "The grand finale" of the show year in Sweden, HUND 2006 in Stockholm. Kenya was entered in intermediate class where she came 2nd with CK. Her sister Molly (Spotnik's Coffee Cream) came 3rd with CK. In best bitch competition Kenya placed 6th. The judge was Bob Gregory, UK and he had 54 Dalmatians to go through today. BOB with CACIB and SV-06 was "Zacco" Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, dog certificate to Jilloc's Perfect Reflection, BOS with bitch certificate and SV-06 was Fairytale Spot's A Key to My Heart and CACIB to Ch Alphadirato Evidence of Love. In the group finals Zacco won group 6 in stiff competition, but was unplaced the next day in the Best In Show.

9 December 2006

Great news from Germany. Pumbaa's daugther Fanta (Extra Edition Best Taste) is now German Club Youth Champion. Congratulations Martina!!!

November 2006

Kenya's breeder Helle Höie sent us a recent picture of Spotnik's Carbon Copy, brother of Kenya. Photo Helle Höie.

11 November 2006

Pumbaa mated Boing's Lola today and puppies are expected around 13 January 2007. Photo Lena.

5 November 2006

At todays International show in Herning, Denmark, Kenya was entered in intermediate class for the first time. She won her class with CK, but in the best bitch competition was placed at 6th place and yet again just missing the CC. That's life. Judge was Annika Ultveit-Moe and 43 Dals entered. BOB was Ch Spotnik's Viking Victory, dog CC to Ch Dalmo's Excalibur and thereby new Danish champion, BOS Ch Paper Moon's Countess Oriana and bitch certificate to Oriana's Tudor Rose.

10 September 2006

Today we attended the SKK Int show at Sofiero, one of our favourite show sites. The whole family came along which made us almost miss our class. Well in the ring Kenya once again won the juniorclass with CK. With app. 10 bitches in the best bitch competition she managed to place 5th. Judge was Refet Hadzic from Bosnia-Herzegovina and 32 Dalmatians entered. BOB was Ch Jilloc's Loverboy, dog certificate to Export Selection The Astonishing, BOS to Ch Alphadirato Evidence of Love and bitch certificate Timanka's Perfect Collection.

2 September 2006

At the SKK Nat show in Öland, Kenya won the juniorclass with CK and then best bitch with the certificate. She went on to win her first BOB beating the new champion male Lacilla's Alfalfa. As if that wasn't enough she also picked up a Group 1!! Now we had to stay, and managed to find accomodation at Böda Hotell for the night. Back on the Sunday late afternoon for the Best in Show final, she was quite tired and unfocused. Together with 4 other group winners we ended up as BIS-6 winning a huge rosette, but still happy for the oppurtunity to take part. Judge for the breed was Mr Javier Sanchez from Spain and 14 Dalmatians entered, group judge was Leni Nousiainen. BOB + bitch certificate Spotnik's Crystal Crown, BOS + dog certificate Lacilla's Alfalfa. Photo Per Unden and Cecilia Ström.

  New champion SUCh Lacilla's Alfalfa

26 August 2006

Lena enjoyed a nice Saturday at the Swedish "Riksspecialen" in Medevi. The thrill of the day was to bring Pumbaa back in the ring for the first time as a veteran. He thouroughly enjoyed his day out and was almost too eager in the ring. But a true joy to show. He ended up as 3rd in his class with CK, the judge thought he had lost his power and balance on the move. Kenya placed 4th in juniorclass. The Judge was Åke Cronander, 34 puppies and 79 adults entered. BOB was Ch Jilloc's Joyride and BOS Ch Spotnik's Viking Victory. Dog certificate to Jilloc's Perfect Reflection and bitch certificate to Ch Paper Moon's Countess Oriana who became a champion on the day.

19 August 2006

Today at the SKK Int show in Norrköping Kenya won the juniorclass with CK and later on placed 2 best bitch, yet again beaten for the certificate by one placement. Todays judge was Anders Morelius and 38 Dalmatians entered. BOB with CACIB was Ch Jilloc's Easy Rider, dog certificate Ekryda Heimdal, BOS with bitch certificate + CACIB Becajo's Yamina.

12 August 2006

At this years Norwegain Specialty "Show 101/Oslo Spot Show" as many as 136 Dalmatians, puppies included, were entered for the judge Arne Foss. Lena really enjoyed the day since she was asked to show Zacco (N & DKUCh Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy)  this time in championclass. This went so well that he ended up as best male and later on BOS at the show. Kenya was entered in juniorclass where she was placed 3rd with HP, the class was won by her sister Cassie (Spotnik's Calling Card). Later on in "segrarklass" Kenya was one out of 15 bitches to be rewarded CK, but then not placed in such hard competition. BOB was Ch Jilloc's Joyride, bitch certificate and champion on the day Ch Timanka's Miracle of Love, BOS Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy and dog certificate Perdita's Counterstrike. At this show, we also met Kenya's sister Molly (Spotnik's Coffee Cream) and brother Caddy (Spotnik's Cool Caddie) for the first time. Photos Helle Höie.

22-23 July 2006

Our day at the Södra Dalmatiner-Sällskapets Specialty show the 22nd of July, this year at Herrevads kloster for the first time, was not as fun as we had hoped for. We ended the day at Helsingborgs Animal Hospital with Kenya needing veterinary attention for an abcess on her left cheek that had grown alarmingly in size over a couple of hours in the hot weather. Needless to say she didn't show that well but still managed to get HP in juniorclass placing 4th and last. Tilda was also entered at this show, in open class and did well at her show debut. She managed to get a first price but was not placed in the big open class with 18 bitches. But we are pleased with her performence and she enjoyed the day out, especially socializing at ring side. Lena also showed Zacco (Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy) in intermediate class which he won with CK, and then ended up as 4th best male. Judge was Mr Keith Nathan, GB and 100 Dalmatians, including puppies, were entered. BIS with certificate was T-Cart Vijay, BOS was Ch Jilloc's Loverboy, dog certificate and champion on the day Toot's Zanzibar.

The next day at the unofficial specialty show, Kenya was not shown and Tilda not entered. But again Lena showed Zacco in intermeditae class which he won, but this time he didn't get HP. Lena also showed Kenya's sister Cassie after she won the junior class with HP, and she ended the day becoming 3rd best bitch. Todays judge was Mrs Margaret Mulholland, GB and 70 Dalmatians entered, including puppies. BOB was Ch Ekryda Herkules amd BOS Ch Timanka's Playmate.

1 July 2006

At the SKK Nat show in Borås we had a great day, Kenya was only beaten by her sister Cassie (Spotnik's Calling Card). Cassie placed 1st and Kenya 2nd in junior bitches, both with CK. They then went on to place Best bitch with certificate for Cassie and 2nd best bitch for Kenya, beating champions and veterans on the way. Lena also showed Zacco (Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy) in intermediate. He won his class with CK and went on to place 3rd best dog gaining the certificate (his 6th Swedish). Todays judge was Joop Hiddes and 54 Dalmatians entered. BOB and Group 2 Ch Ridotto Napoleone, dog certificate Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, BOS + certificate Spotnik's Calling Card. Photo Lena


Midsummer 2006

For once I remembered to bring the camera to Revinge for the walk. Pumbaa and Kenya had some great time running around.


10 June 2006

At the Finish Dalmatian Club's Specialty show in Nurmijärvi, north of Helsinki,  Kenya again got an excellent in juniorclass and ended up in 4th place out of 13 entered bitches. Lena also showed Zacco (Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy) in open dog and he placed 1st out of 11.  BIS was Ch Fröken's Jupiter, BOS Ch Holmankarin Fleur de Jour, dog certifiacates were gained by Alphadirato Future Brand and O'Zone Erland, reserve dog certifiacte Marnellin Who Is Who, bitch certificates were gained by Caesand's Endless Fame and Holmankarin Glamour, reserve bitch certificate by Pinewater's Blue Jeans Baby. Dogs and BIS were judged by Peter Rance and bitches by Anne Bliss. Photo Irina Petrakova and Helle Hoie.

9 June 2006

At the European Winner 2006 show in Helsinki, Kenya placed 2nd with Excellent in a class of 14 junior bitches, just missing the EuJW-06 title by one placement. She also gained the reserve certificate. Kenya's brother Spotnik's Chocolate Chip placed 1st out of 7 entries in male junior class,  thereby gaining the EuJW-06 title. Congratulations!! Bitches were judged by Ellis Hulme  and he had 40 entries, while 34 dogs were judged by Zena Thorn Andrews. Group 3 + BOB + CACIB + EuW-06 Ch Kamilkan Väinämöinen, R-CACIB Ch Ottopojan Waunukoira, CACIB + EuW-06 Ch Spotnik's Very Vivid Paper Moon, R-CACIB Ch Ottopojan Veenus Williams, EuJW-06 Spotnik's Chocolate Chip, dog certificate Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, EuJW-06 + bitch certificate Holmankarin Josephine. Photos Lena and Helle Hoie.

left Kenya, and right her brother EuJW-06 Spotnik's Chocolate Chip

28 May 2006

At the second Danish Club show Kenya placed 3rd in junior bitch. But she ended the weekend becoming overall junior winner. Judge was Mr Helge Werner Hagen from Norway and 57 Dalmatians were entered. BOB + dog certificate Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, BOS + bitch certificate Ch Lady Hot Item of the ThreeTurnips, Best Breeders group Spotnik. Photo Helle Hoie.

27 May 2006

At todays Danish Club Show in Vig, Kenya won junior bitches and placed 2nd best bitch. She also won Best Junior in show. Judge was Mrs Sue Wilkinson from England and 56 Dalmatians entered. BOB Ch Spotnik's Special Selection, BOS Ch Lady Hot Item of the ThreeTurnips, dog certificate Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, bitch certificate Ch Lady Hot Item of the ThreeTurnips, Best Breeders group Spotnik, Best progeny group Ch Spotnik's Special Selection. Photo Solveig Jensen.

We also met Kenya's father Dalmo's Elegant Edward for the first time which was an extra bonus. Photo Solveig Jensen.

May 2006

A mating between our Pumbaa (Ch Labyrinth Perfect Harmony) and "Ginger" Assiduitas Eccentric Echo is planned for the coming winter. This will be kennel Assiduitas G-litter. Photo Assiduitas.

21 May 2006

Some pictures of "Pumbaa-puppies" from kennel Extra Edition's B-litter born in October 2005. Mother is Ch Jilloc's Handle in the Wind and breeder Martina Metschulat, Germany. Photo Lena and Metschulat.

On the left is Ch Jilloc's Handle in the Wind and on the right Extra Edition Be Cool

On the left is Extra Edition Big Tasty and on the right Extra Edition Best Taste & Extra Edition Big Bubble

20 May 2006

At the SKK Int show in Hässleholm Kenya placed 2nd with CK out of 9 bitches in junior class and later placed last out of 6 in the competition for best bitch. Judge was Kerstin Nilsson from Denmark and 32 Dalmatians entered. BOB + CACIB Ch Jilloc's Joyride, BOS + CACIB Ch Ridotto Napoleone, bitch certificate and champion Jilloc's Miss Perfect, dog certificate Toot's Zansibar.

7 May 2006

Kenya attended her first official show today, the International show in Hilleröd, Denmark. Judge was Hans Lehtinen from Finland and 28 Dalmatians entered. Kenya won junior class with CK, thereby qualifying for Crufts 2007, and then went on to place 5th best bitch only beaten to the certficate by T-Cart Ranee. BOB Ch O'Talix's Introduces A Magic Moment, BOS IntCh Spotnik's Viking Victory, dog certficate Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, bitch certficate T-Cart Ranee. Photo Solveig Jensen

8 January 2006

Kenya was BOB-puppy at the SKK International show in Gothenburg. Judge Anders Morelius. Photo Helle Hoie.

13 November 2005

At "Malmö Valp" Kenya won her class, 4-6 months, and placed 2nd best puppy bitch. Judge Ing-Marie Hagelin and 16 Dalmatian puppies entered. Kenya is now almost 5 months old. Photo Solveig Jensen