News 2008

29 November

Today Texas won BOS and his second Danish CAC at the "Christmas show" in Naestved, Denmark. Judge was Jesper Pedersen. BOB with bitch CAC was O'Talix's Magic McMaleuka.

20 September

Lena and David went with Texas to the Danish Club show in Mosede today, in the Copenhagen area. It was well worth the trip since Texas won the Danish certificate! The show site was a nice grassy field next to the sea, with plenty of space and perfect surface for a show ring. Also ample parking space and a restaurang next to it. Judge was Erling Kjaer Pedersen. BOB was Ch Oriana's TRaceable Tudor Rose and BOS Ch Oriana's TRaceable Target, dog CAC to Dalspots American-Idol and bitch CAC to O'Talix's Magic McLuna.

14 September

Today Texas and Kenya were entered at the SKK International show at Sofiero. Texas placed 3rd with HP in intermediate class and Kenya 6th in championclass with CK. The weather was nice, as was the company around the ring. Lots of friends to meet up with, "everyone" was down here in Skåne this weekend due to the Dalmatian Club show in Röstånga the day before. Congratulation to all the winners this weekend.  Photo: Helle Höie and Lena

5 September

Today our "darling Pumbaa" was peacefully put to sleep in our home. Life had become a struggle and the difficult decision was made to end life with dignity to prevent further suffering. Pumbaa lives on in our lifes through his grand-daughter Kenya and his son Texas, for whom we are very grateful. We are also very grateful to Mrs Chris Dyker, Pumbaa's breeder, who entrusted us with her precious "Thumper" and allowed him to move all the way to Sweden. He has been a true joy to own and be loved by, and always the perfect gentleman!!

"Rest in peace my darling"

2-3 August

Over the weekend we attended the International shows in Kuopio, Finland. The whole family came along for the ride and we had a nice holiday trip combining dogs shows and sightseeing. Kenya did us proud by gaining her last CACIB and becoming an International Champion (FCI pending), judge was Mr Javier Sanchez, E. She also gained a resCACIB and two resCAC, just missing the certificate both days.

Left: Kenya in the ring. Right: BOB on the Saturday Ch Marnellin Who Is Who


Left: Sunday BOB Ch TNG's The Untouchable at DXL - BOS Jillocs Scandal Beauty. Right: new IntCh Spotnik's Crystal Crown

5-6th of July

We had a great weekend in Stockholm attending the World Dalmatian show the 5th of July and the World Dog Show 2008 the day after. We saw lots of nice dogs and met up with some good friends. Especially nice to see our dear friend Ginger Sammonds from Colorado, USA and her friends Peggy and Judy. Last time we saw each other was at Crufts 2005... we really need to meet up more frequently Ginger!!!

Below are some results and some pictures from the two shows (photos: Lena). In the evening after the WDS, we attended the barbeque at the home of kennel Falabella. It was a bit chilly in the evening but excellent food and company!!

World Dalmatian show

Both Texas (Dalspots American-Idol) and Kenya (Ch Spotnik's Crystal Crown) were entered today. Texas got excellent and placed 3rd in junior dog, out of 16 dogs. Kenya also got excellent and placed 3rd in champion class bitches, out of 9. We were pleased with both their results!!

Judges for the day were: juniors - Bengt-Åke Bogren, males - Charlotte Jenvall, bitches + BOB - Matti Luoso. Results: BOB and CAC - Muzika S Nevskih Ostrovov. BOS - Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy. dog CAC - NCh Perdita's Counterstrike. dog resCAC - Dalmrosa's Gaute Pudding. bitch resCAC - Holmankarin Josephine. Best breeder - Jillocs. BOB-junior - O'Zone Goldfinger. BOB-veteran - Ch Spotnik's Unbuttoned Uniform.

Below: Texas in the ring.

Below: best junior dog and BOB-junior O'Zone Goldfinger.

Left: our Kenya. Center: Spotnik's Diva Deluxe who is Kenya's half-sister and a grand-daugther of our Pumbaa. Right: Spotnik's breeders group.

Left: dog CAC to NCh Perdita's Counterstrike, who became a champion! Center: dog resCAC to Dalmrosa's Gaute Pudding. Right: bitch resCAC to Holmankarin Josephine

Left: bitch CAC and BOB to Muzika S Nevskih Ostrovov. Center: BOB and BOS - Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy

Left: best breeders group - Jillocs. Center: lovely Jilloc's Splendid Choice. Right: handsome Ch Lovinda's Fabian.

Left: Falabellas Japonicus. Center: Viola Speier and her Ginger (Assiduitas Eccentric Echo). Right: Two happy ladies at the (chilly) barbeque, Helle and Bente.

World Dog show 2008

Both our dogs were entered today as well. Again Texas got an excellent in junior class but was unplaced this time. Kenya did us proud, today as well, by getting excellent and placing 4th in champion bitches. Lena also showed Jilloc's Top Model in junior bitches, she got excellent but was unplaced. Also, we had a great visit at the ringside today, Aston's (Air-Force-One) owners came to see the show. Great to see you all! And I'm sure Aston got lots of kisses when you got home.

Judges today: males and BOB - Arne Foss. bitches - Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel. Results: dog JWW-08 - Jilloc's Sugerdaddy, dog CAC and champion Dalmrosa's Toro Bearnaise, dog resCAC - Oriana's Traceable Target, dog CACIB and WW-08 - Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, dog resCACIB - Ch Dalming's Hocus-Pocus, dog VWW-08 - Ch Kamilkan Oranssiprinssi, bitch JWW-08 - Toot's Counting on a Miracle, bitch CAC - Timanka's Romantic Miracle, bitch res-CAC - Toot's Counting on a Miracle, bitch CACIB - Ch Toot's You Can Call Me Al, bitch resCACIB - Timanka's Romantic Miracle, bitch VWW-08 - Ch Zabavan Juttal. BOB-junior - Jilloc's Sugerdaddy, BOB-veteran - Ch Kamilkan Oranssiprinssi, BOB - Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy.

Left: Texas in front of the judge. Center and right: Kenya in champion bitches.

Left: JWW-08 Jilloc's Sugerdaddy who also was BOB-junior. Center: JWW-08 Toot's Counting on a Miracle. Right: our puppy-buyers Caroline, Magnus and Thyra.

Left: dog CAC to Dalmrosa's Toro Bearnaise who became a champion. Center: bitch CAC + resCACIB to Timanka's Romantic Miracle. Right: dog resCACIB to Ch Dalming's Hocus-Pocus

Left: dog CACIB and WW-08 + BOB to Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy. Right: bitch CACIB and WW-08 to Ch Toot's You Can Call Me Al.


Two of Kenya's litter-brothers have become champions! NoCh Spotnik's Chief Commander and FinCh Spotnik's Chocolate Chip. This makes it a total of 5 champions in Spotnik's C-litter born June 2005. Photos: Helle Höie.

7th of June

Today we attended SydSkåkk's Open show at Bosjökloster. It was an extremly hot day and we all suffered in the heat. But the surroundings are beautiful with the white castle and the blue lake. We met Toya for the first time since she left us. She looked and behaved very nicely and her family loved her. There was only 4 Dalmatians attending and Texas got HP and BOB. Due to carrying a bit too much weight today, Toya didn't get HP but got a nice report. Judge was Leif Lehmann Jörgensen från Danmark.

27th of May

Our A-litter is 1 year old today! Happy birthday to Toya, Freja, Texas, Kimbo and Aston!!!!

24-25th of May

Spent the whole weekend at the Danish Dalmatian Club's two Special shows in Vig. Saturday's judge was Gunnar Nyman from Denmark, and on the Sunday we had the english judge Elaine Tillson. I had a lovely weekend meeting friends from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

On the Saturday Texas was placed 2nd in junior class with VG. BOB was Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, dog CAC to Toot's Chantilly Lace, BOS and bitch CAC to Solbo's Holly (Pumbaa-granddaugther). This pair happened to be father and daugther. Well done.

On the Sunday Texas was again placed 2nd in junior class, this time with excellent. Today I was asked to help with the handling of sweet and lovely "Bell" aka Jilloc's Top Model, and the two of us strutted our stuff so well together that we ended up with the bitch CAC and BOS!!!! BOB and dog CAC (again) was Toot's Chantilly Lace. Funny thing was that BOB and BOS had he same father: Ch Jilloc's Loverboy. Well done.

Photos: Lena

Left: Saturday: BOB and BOS with judge Gunnar Nyman. Right: Sunday BOB and BOS with judge Mrs Elaine Tillson, GB (photo: Helle Höie).

Left: Solbo's Holly moving and Right: Dalspots American-Idol (photo Helle Höie)

Two daugthers of Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy: Frihedens Princess Pallas and Solbo's Holly (BOS)

Sunday: Jilloc's Sugardaddy standing and on the move.

Sunday's best progeny group: handsome Ch Jilloc's Loverboy

16th of March

Today at Malmö International show our Texas (Dalspots American-Idol) made his debute in juniorclass. He placed second out of 4, beaten by the BOB-winner Jilloc's Sugardaddy. There was a change of judge and our breed was judged by Mr Csaba Zsolt Lokodi from Romania. BOB + CAC Jilloc's Sugardaddy, CACIB Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, BOS + CAC+ CACIB Oriana's Traceable Titania.

Left: Dalspots American-Idol , 9 months old.  Right: 1st and 2nd Best male.

5th of January

My Dog International dog show and SV-08 in Göteborg. Kenya was placed 3rd in championclass with CK, but not placed in best bitch. Lena also showed Spotnik's Carbon Copy and he was 2nd in open and 4th in best male, just missing the CAC. BOB and SV-08 Ch Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy, CACIB to Ch Jilloc's Hole in One, dog CAC and champion Export Selection The Astonishing, BOS and SV-08 Ch Timanka's Movie Star, CACIB to Ch Holmankarin Fleur de Jour, CAC to Solbo's Holly. Judge was Mrs Ferelith Somerfield, UK.

     We wish you all A Happy New Year!!   

We got a new "toy" for christmas, a new camera! Consequently, we entertained ourselves with a number of photo sessions during new year, and here are some samples...Firstly, our two boys David and Jacob, and below that, the beach at our summerhouse in Skummeslöv