News 2011

26 November

Went to Malmö puppyshow today, to meet up with Cecilia Andersson, kennel Spotdogs. Her puppies Frans and Doris did really well, they became BOS- and BOB-puppy, respectively. Later Doris won group 6, and placed BIS-5. Cecilia's breeders group of 3 littermates won in the breed ring and later placed BIS-4. Spotdogs B-litter is out of Ch Solbo's Karisma and Ch Price-Spot's Are You Ready. Photos- Lena.

23 November

Here are some pictures of the different dogs that have passed through our home the last two years. We have found really nice loving homes to those who, for various reasons, have moved on. 2010 and 2011 have been difficult years for our family, in so many different aspects. But now we hope for a calmer and happier 2012.

23 November

Mia sent us some nice pictures of Tilda in her new family, she has truly found the best "forever-home" we could have wished for. Thank you!!

23 November

Found some pictures of Toya when she moved to her new home, with Jeanette and her family outside Copenhagen, Denmark. She was so ready to get a new family of her own, and she never looked back when they drove off. Here she is in the sofa with Jeanette. My beautiful Toya!!

13 November

Today Ebba (Dalspots Baby Spice) came to visit us. Mum Kenya invited her daugther to play, but Ebba wasn't too sure about that...We had a nice chat with Ebba´s owner Paulina and her father Niclas. Everything goes really well with Ebba, and they are very happy with her.

8 November

One year has now passed since Texas (Ch Dalspots American-Idol) moved, and here are some new pictures sent to us by his new family, both from the past summer, and this autumn.

6 November

At the International show in Växjö, there was a change of judge and we got moved to Mr Valerio Nataletti from Italy instead. Primo (Dalspots Buffalo Company) placed 3rd best male with the res-CAC. Ellie (Lacillas Electra) was too heavily marked for the judge, but still got Excellent and placed 3rd in the Open bitch class.

1 October

Here are some new pictures of Atlas (Sweetspots Top Gun) and his daugther Lakrits (Lacillas Fyr Och Flamma), who is 6 months old now. Finally Atlas has regained his strength after the near-death encounter with the pine cone in April, and had a great time playing with Lakrits.

10 September

Team's Iceman, a son of our Ch Dalspots American-Idol, won his second CAC at Sofiero National show today. Congratulations to the breeder and the owners!!

4 September

At the National KC show on Öland today, Primo (Dalspots Buffalo Company) placed 2nd best male with res-CAC. Ellie (Lacillas Electra) placed 2nd best bitch and also got the res-CAC. BOB with CAC was Mellanmöllans Lets Dance Salsa, BOS with CAC, and new champion, was Price-Spots Blessing In Disguise. Judge was Carl-Gunnar Stafberg.

4 September

After both my parents passed away, sweet Tilda (Paper Moon's Dream Catcher) needed a new 'forever home'. And now she has found it(!!), a permanent home with Anders & Mia and their 3 boys. She has already been on a camping trip, football camp and several boat trips, and she has fully enjoyed every minute of it. The boys Gustav, Filip and Oskar promised me to take excellent care of sweet Tilda, and give her lots of 'TLC' every day. We wish them a happy life together wiht Tilda for many more years to come.

14 August

Team's Iceman, a son of our Ch Dalspots American-Idol, won the male CAC at Ronneby International show today. Congratulations to the breeder and the owners!!

23 July

Today our Ellie (Lacillas Electra - a daughter of our Ch Dalspots American-Idol) was BOB with CAC at the Swedish Club show in Röstånga. Judge was Rune Brunberg Johansen, kennel Timanka. BOS with CAC was Jilloc's X Factor. We were very pleased that Ellie's breeder Cecilia Ström was at the show to enjoy the moment with us!!

23 July

Here are the first pictures of Atlas' daughter Lacillas Fyr och Flamma, called Lakrits!! Her mother is Ch Lacillas Anagram and breeder is Cecilia Ström. She is a half-sister to our Ellie, seen above. They have the same lovely neck and front. She was not the easiest puppy to stack..and we are happy that she stood still long enough for these two shots.

3 June

Here are some recent pictures of Freja (Dalspots A-Dream-Kiss), that send greatings to her littermates. She is doing fine, living the good life in Gislöv. She fills the days with agility, running on the beach and cuddling with the new family member Casper!!

1 June

Here is a picture from Ann Olsson, Team's kennel, of one of her Texas-puppies at 1 year of age.

I think he must be Team's In Me Diablo that lives outside Stockholm. Photo: ?? Christine Björnstjerna

22 May

At the Hässleholm SKK show today, Primo placed 4th best male. Best male, with his second CAC, was Kenya's brother Spotnik's Cutting Corners (a Pumbaa-grandson). The res-CAC was won by Team's Iceman (son of our Dalspots American-Idol, and also a Pumba-grandson). BOB and CAC for the danish bitch Ch O'Talix's Magic McLuna. Judge was Rob Sansom, UK. Photos Lena.

10 May

Spotnik's Cutting Corners and Ch O'Talix's Magic McLuna

10 May

Today our B-litter turns 1 year old, and we wish them all a Happy Birthday!!

Here are some recent pictures of them, some I have stolen from facebook...others you have sent me.

Two of the girls: Ebba - Dalspots Baby Spice, and Timja - Dalspots Brown Sugar

Two more girls: Kinzi - Dalspots Being Wicked, and Mira - Dalspots Broadway Star

The boys: Primo - Dalspots Buffalo Company, Dalton - Dalspots Black Adder, and Cosmo - Dalspots Bold and Brave

24 April

At the Danish Kennel club show in Naestved today, our Toya (Dalspots Almost-Harmony) placed second best bitch and won the CAC. Atlas was also entered, but due to his recent surgery he could off course not participate ... Judge was Mrs Rita Biddle, USA. BOB was Ch O'Talix's Magic McLuna, bitch CAC to Dalspots Almost-Harmony, BOS was Ch Oriana's Traceable Target, dog CAC to Ekryda Vidar. Photo Helle.

20 April

This passed weekend we almost lost Atlas, he had eaten a pine cone that blocked his intestines and he nearly died before it was found and removed by surgery. He is now back home and recovering, but a lot thinner and still very tired and marked by what has happened. We expect him to do a full recovery and our turbo-dog will soon be back in the swing again... Included is a picture of the villain - the pine cone - who did some serious damage to the mucosal surface of Atlas's small intestine. But according to the vets, it will all heal nicely again.

16 April

Today at the Danish Club show in Kerteminde, Primo (Dalspots Buffalo Company) won the juniorclass with CK and became 2nd best male with the reserve-CAC, beating both champions and open class males. Toya (Dalspots Almost-Harmony) placed 3rd in open with CK. BOB was Ch O'Talix's Magic McLuna, BOS with the CAC was Spotnik's Golden Globe for Oriana, bitch CAC Frihedens Regina Royale. BOB-baby was Lots of Spots Big Man Clarence and BOB-puppy was Crazyspots Aeolus. Judge was Annette Vieler, Denmark. Photos Lena and Pia Jensen.

Dalspots Buffalo Company- 11 months

Left: BOB and BOS with the judge. Right: BOS and male CAC-winner.

Left: BOB-baby. Right: bitch CAC-winner.

10 April

The 7th of April SECh Lacillas Anagram gave birth to her puppies, sired by our Atlas, but unfortunately only one black bitch survived the first 2 days. We feel with Cecilia and Pepsi, but are grateful for the strong puppy-bitch that seems to do absolutely fine. See more at Kennel Lacillas: .

19 March

At the International show in Malmö, 3 puppies from our B-litter were entered in junior class at their first official show. Primo (Dalspots Buffalo Company) won the junior class with CK but was unplaced in best male. His sisters Timja (Dalspots Brown Sugar) and Kinzi (Dalspots Being Wicked) only got "Very Good", as did Dalspots Almost-Harmony in open class.

From Dalspots B-litter, at 10 months: D. Buffalo Company, D. Being Wicked and D. Brown Sugar.

Team's Iceman, who is a son of our Ch Dalspots American-Idol (and T-Cart Qui-Vive).

Grand-children of our Ch Labyrinth Perfect Harmony - Boings Wampire and Boings Wivi, who were BOB- and BOS-puppy (Ch Dalmos Aragon the First x Boings Qyria).

6 February

Today our Atlas (Sweetspots Top Gun) mated lovely SECh Lacillas Anagram, and we keep our fingers crossed for puppies mid-April at Kennel Lacillas ( ).

30 January

Here are some pictures of Timja, aka Dalspots Brown Sugar at 8½ months. Sorry for the "blue pictures"... difficult combination with sunshine, snow and a white-coated dog. Her face resembles her mum Kenya a lot.

23 January

Here comes some greetings from handsome Aston (Dalspots Air-Force-One) and his mum Caroline. He thinks the winter is too cold, even when wearing his coat. His butt and his paws are freezing and it hurts...He prefers to spend his days indoors instead, getting cuddles in the sofa...

Primo is now 8 months old and very much a teenager, with long legs and no body. Hopefully he will fill out a bit more as he matures...

9 January

Today Lena and Inger Hagbohm drove to MyDog 2011 in Gothenburg. The roads were horribly icy, but we made it safe to the show in time. First out was Primo (Dalspots Buffalo Company) who got HP and became BOB-puppy. We did not stay for the puppy finales. Toya (Dalspots Almost-Harmony) was entered in open bitch and she won the class with CK. Later she placed 2nd best bitch with R-Cacib. Judge was Åke Cronander. BOB + bitch CAC + CACIB - Solbo's Linette, BOS + CACIB - Ch Jilloc's Sugerdaddy, male CAC - Andiamo. Photo Helle Höie.